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Kick Start - Music Production Course


the fractal nature of composition

Successful musical arrangements require the following;

  • Planning ahead

  • Workflow efficiency

  • Maintaining creative insight


There are a number of perspectives when arranging music;

  • Each Instrument – Tonality & Modulation

  • Combined Instruments – Tonality & Modulation

  • Sections – Instrument Presence & Automation

  • Story – Interleaving Sections (Using the above)

  • Birds Eye – Overall Complexity & Variation
    (SFX, Editing, Resampling, Subtle Automation & Layers)


In this course we will create a track together, as a group (4 people), over 4 sessions and in doing so, achieve the following;

  • Break arrangement down into workable chunks

  • Think about arrangement as both a linear and non-linear process

  • Add options to our arrangement toolkit (for when we run out)

  • Develop a broader perspective of what arrangement is

  • Improve our arrangement efficiency (speed and quality)

  • Have fun!


For this course you will require;

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite

  • Webcam & Microphone (inbuilt Laptop may suffice)

  • Good internet connection

  • 10gb Hard Drive space

  • Discord Account


Cost – *$300 
(5 week course)
Maximum of 4 students

You will receive;

  • 5x Zoom sessions (incl Recordings)
  • Ableton Live Presets, Templates & Projects
  • Access to Private Discord Channel
  • 25% off XYZ – Song Sketch M4L
  • Wisdom from guest EM veterans
  • Plenty of inspiration
*$300 is for Bank Transfer only.
**$315 if using Paypal (incl. Pay in 4)

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