Having mastered 350+ productions and worked with a range of artists, 
Fixation Studios can help you take your music to the next level and deliver your message with the utmost precision.

Here are just a couple of our previous clients…

All mastering begins with a consultation about the end product and final medium, plus mix advice before any payment is made. During this process, we will decide if adjustments need to be made to the final mix or whether stem mastering is required. With each master, you will gain new insight into your productions and how to achieve your desired result, improving your music with every production we work on together.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing artists flourish. I have the skills and experience to help you bring your production level to the top tier and will help you deliver flawless, punchy and exciting music to whatever platform you choose.

I do not charge for revisions but do my best to avoid them. Clear communication from both parties is a must. 

All audio supplied should be 48khz 32bit WAV/AIFF with a minimum of 1dB headroom.
Please read this article prior to submitting music for Mastering.

We are currently not taking on new Mastering clients,
Please Contact Us for consultation and recommendations.